TYPE : Spray T.C.L. 800 (A)

Product Information

General Description:

The products are combined a unique nigh strength lubricating film with exceptional rust and corrosion fighting properties.
T.C.L. 800(A) is a superior lubricant designed to a provide unequaled wearing protection of many parts and extended lubrication intervals.
T.C.L. 800(A) has excellent anti-rust and anticorrosion Characteristics which make T.C.L. 800(A) ideal for outdoors and moist conditions, as well as for drilling and tapping applications.

Benefit of T.C.L. 800 (A):

* Increased life of operating machinery.
* Reduced failure and maintenance costs.
* Increased fuel or electricity economy.
* Easier and quieter operation.
* Reduced heat build up.
Penetrate and free rusted parts.

Product Application:

Typical proven used at all the industrial equipment, Farm machinery, marine and home use. products only used at recreational saturate area and let soak for several minutes for reducing 80% friction and best rust protection.

All kids of machinery.
Locate and stop squeaks from chain, roller, hinge, car, wheel and all moving part.
Drive moisture off metal surface, wet engine and spark plug.
Effectively clean most surfaces of grease and tar and protect against rust and corrosion.
Penetrate and free rusted part, bolt, valves and lock.

Special Notions:

Keep spray away from heated surface and any other source of ignition.
Used in a ventilated area.
Do not breath spray vapor or spray mist.
Deliberate or direct inhalation may be harmful.