TYPE : THI JAX Grease No.2

Product Information


A high temperature, extreme preasure, corrosion resistant, anti-seize compound and assembly lubricant.
This lubricating anti-seize compound combines the high temperature, extreme pressure and anti-seize abilities of colloidal copper, aluminum and graphite in suspension in an oil based assembly lubricant.
This product is Lead-free
Temperature range from -120¢XF to 2500¢XF


1.Permits more accurate tightening and easier opening.
2.Will not wash off with fresh or salt water. Can be used indoor or outdoor in marine environments.
3.Saves threads and press fit parts from damage distortion and breakage.
4.Guards against corrosion, rusting or pitting of assembled surfaces.
5.Copper transfers to surfaces to prevent self welding under pressure.
6.Leaves no objectionable residue. Helps protect against fusion in combustion engines.


Chemical and petrochemical industry : Valves, flangas, fittings.
Onshore and offshore oil industry : Pittings, piping and threaded Connections.
Shipping and metalworking industry : Deckequipment and winches.
Repair-workshops and garages : Bolts, nuts, spark-pluge,Exhaustpipes, mechanic
Connections, battery-poles,Discbrakes, springs, lever-arms.

Assembly and dismantling is made much easier, Thi JAX copper anti-seize compound also protect against corosion, seisure, scuffing, welding and scoring under high pressure and temperatures. This superior lubricant also protects at low temptretures and/or in a humid atmosphere.