TARGET CROWN DEVELOPMENT LTD. (Company Incorporated No. 17001598), was established and registered on the 16th March 1993 in Hong Kong as its head office.

Presently our company has been operating for 15 successful years and continuous expanding our business every step of a time, that is why for the convenience of our supportive customers we do not only have our office located in Hong Kong, but also in Bangkok, Thailand and Solomon Islands.

Due to our rapid expansion over the past 15 years our valued customers play a major role in our success, therefore we appreciate them more than just our customer or a business partner, and truly it has been our most pleasure in supplying them with our fullest capabilities and sincere reputation.

As the various type of businesses Target Crown Development Ltd. has to offers includes Heavy hardwoods, Medium hardwoods and Light hardwoods round logs, Sawn timbers, wood working machines, plywood, veneer and logistics.

Nevertheless among the various type of businesses that we offer, direct export of numerous species of logs from Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Malaysia is which we specialize as our main business.

Apart form our export business we also import wood working machines – plywood rotary machine, glue spreader machine and knife grinding machine, plywood and veneers.

Adding to the list of businesses that we offer, soon we will be able to supply Iron Ore (Fine/Lumps) origin from Thailand ready to be exported as per customers requirements.

Last but not least, Target Crown Development Ltd. is also able to conveniently offer general cargo vessels for chartering.
for our 3 vessels namely; Anya Manii, Princess Manii and Rattana Manii.

Under Target Crown Development Ltd., Group of Companies which we would like to introduce to you :

Target Crown Development Ltd.
Group of Companies

Target Crown Development Ltd. (TCD, Hong Kong)

Target Crown Development Ltd. (TCD, Thailand))

Target Crown Development Ltd. (TCD, Solomon Islands)

CTS Marine Co., Ltd. (CTS, Thailand)

Top Kent International Limited (TK, Hong Kong)

Power Up Lubricates Co., Ltd. (PU, Thailand)